Independence Beer Dinner

Join us for another epic multi-course beer pairing dinner prepared by chefs Rob Snow and Todd Engel at Greenhouse Craft Food on Sunday, May 20.

This dinner will be inspired and paired with beers from Independence Brewing Co. and will feature an expertly crafted and curated menu to highlight the Austin brewery’s best brews.

Tickets: $76.95 ($60 plus tax + tip); Purchase tickets HERE.


Chef’s Assorted Appetizers

Course One:  Cowboys from Helles (Helles Lager)
Crawfish-Lobster Toast | andouille, spinach salad, creole mustard vin, heirloom tomatoes

Course Two: Illustrated Man (Sour Ale)
Scallop Crudo | berries, shallot, lime, cracker, golden beets, micro greens

Course Three: Highboy (Double IPA)
Duck Confit Shortcake | cayenne butter sauce, arugula-spinach puree, rosemary candied pinon, DIPA apricot

Course Four: Austin Amber (American Amber)
Summer Thyme Shepherd’s Pie | amber braised lamb, cauliflower mint puree, sweet corn, peas, haricot verts

Course Five: End Credits (Walnut Brown Ale)
Double Chocolate Tort | Nutella cream, candied walnuts

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